Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert’s New Branding Aims to Shape the Future

December 16, 2020

Gilbert, Arizona has grown and evolved over the years into one of the best communities in the country to live, work and play. We have a lot to be proud of. With 100 years of history and growth, it’s the perfect time to think about how we position our community to become the City of the Future. We want to put Gilbert’s best foot forward and showcase the pride our residents and visitors have in our community so that we can continue to attract new business opportunities and welcome those interested in visiting, living or working in Gilbert.  

That’s why Gilbert has launched a new brand identity that will be implemented throughout the community, with the goal of enhancing Gilbert’s reputation as innovative, forward- 
thinking and inclusive.  

The new branding pays homage to Gilbert’s heritage while focusing on our commitment to progress and innovation. We took inspiration from what shapes our community, from the Gilbert Water Tower to the farming that gave us our start and even previous Gilbert logos, bringing them together to shape the next 100 years.  

We all play a role in the design of tomorrow.  

In Gilbert, we are shaping a new tomorrow, today. 

With the Gilbert Town Council giving the final design approval during Tuesday’s Council Meeting, the project team is working to finalize the branding elements and aims to publicly launch the new branding in Spring 2021.  

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