Gilbert, Arizona

In Gilbert, we're shaping a new tomorrow, today.

Gilbert's New Brand

Gilbert is on a mission to be the City of the Future. We choose to “Anticipate. Create. Help people.” With 100 years of history and growth, our focus is on keeping the thriving community that Gilbert is today well into the future, while continuing to be one of the top communities in the country. What sets Gilbert apart is a combination of a sense of community, a unique and enjoyable environment for residents and businesses and a commitment to innovation. Gilbert is a diverse community that celebrates its rich heritage and character, but we’re working diligently to shape our best possible future.

We all play a role in the design of tomorrow.

In Gilbert, we are shaping a new tomorrow, today.

Why Go Through the Rebrand Process?

Gilbert, Arizona has grown and evolved over the years into one of the best communities in the country to live, work and play. We have a lot to be proud of. With 100 years of history and growth, it’s the perfect time to think about how we position our community to become the City of the Future. We want to put Gilbert’s best foot forward and showcase the pride our residents and visitors have in our community so that we can continue to attract new business opportunities and welcome those interested in visiting, living or working in Gilbert.

That’s why Gilbert has launched a new brand identity that will be implemented throughout the community, with the goal of enhancing our community’s reputation as innovative, forward-thinking and inclusive.

We Hear You, Gilbert.

Throughout the rebranding process the project team utilized the feedback received from the public and employees during the month-long community-wide survey conducted in December 2019. In addition, the project team applied the community feedback seen on a daily basis and what we’ve heard through other campaigns and initiatives such as “This is Gilbert”, “Coming to Gilbert”, and “Life in Gilbert”. We were also sensitive to the traditions in both the police and fire departments and continue to work with the public safety teams to ensure that we are able to properly incorporate the new branding into their departments.

Following initial Council adoption in October 2020, the project team worked with a a cross section of employees from the organization to tweak the monogram (the abstract “G” symbol) resulting in the final branding you see today.

Inspiration Behind Gilbert’s New Brand

We’ve heard from the community and employees what Gilbert means to them and what we’ve learned is that the one commonality is that everybody sees Gilbert in a unique way. Yes, we are an innovative, family-friendly, thriving community, but even those descriptions mean different things to different people. One thing is clear, we all play a role in the design of tomorrow. Together, we are Gilbert.

With that in mind, the brand developed pays homage to Gilbert’s heritage while focusing on our commitment to progress and innovation. We took inspiration from what shapes our community, from the Gilbert Water Tower to the farming that gave us our start and even previous Gilbert logos, bringing them together to shape the next 100 years.

Logo Evolution

The logo and branding can mean different things to different people just as Gilbert means different things to different people in our community. Some may see a “G”, others may see the sun setting over the water tower, or an “i” for innovation or the part you play in shaping Gilbert’s future.

From a design perspective, the abstract “G” monogram is timeless and provides flexibility when designing for print, digital and whatever may come in the future.

The colors you see in the branding were inspired by our beautiful sunsets. They are fun, bold and represent our vibrant community.

Color Palette

Next Steps + Timeline

There’s so much more to Gilbert’s new brand than just the logo and tagline you see. The project team is hard at work implementing the changes adopted by the Gilbert Town Council on December 15th and we can’t wait to share the other elements as we launch the branding in 2021.

In Gilbert, we’re shaping a new tomorrow, today. Join us!

Tagling and Logo Lockup
  • So Far
    Receive input from Gilbert residents and town leaders on what they would like to see in the new branding
  • Nov 2019 to Feb 2020
    Development of design concepts, including primary and secondary uses
  • March 2020 to November 2020
    Development of plan and schedule for implementation of new brand throughout community
  • December 2020
    Gilbert Town Council Final Approval and Branding Reveal
  • 2021
    Official Launch

Project Updates

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